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After  Abundance
An  American  Dust  Bel

Tourists from all around the globe motor west along the Mother Road in search of the "true America." But how does historic Route 66 impact 

It's no secret that interstates and airplanes destroyed the all-American road trip, at least according to Hollywood. Small towns don't have as much neon flare but the dust encrusted "great diagonal way" still links nearly 2,400 miles between Chicago to Los Angeles, marked by the occasional shield reminding motorists they've indeed found the Mother Road. 

In this study of Route 66 communities after the interstates, I try to understand American visions for the future through international memories of the recent past. In the margins of  Americana, what is left of the American Dream? 


Reengineering the City for an Eds & Meds Economy

After the factories closed, universities and hospitals kept cities afloat. 

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New York City

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