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Hello & Welcome

My name is Jake Wolff

I am an urban planning and preservation specialist completing a doctorate on the economic transformations of old US Route 66, an historic transportation corridor linking the industrial heartland to the western Sun Belt. 

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Areas of Practice



Direct political action had the most profound impact on my graduate experience. Because I spent weekends removing barbed wire fencing from public lands, phone banking for progressive candidates, and marching against police brutality, I came to learn just how difficult it is at the grassroots level to influence public policy. Now I serve as a social media editor for local humanities organizations.



During my master’s training at the University of New Mexico, I studied how working-class communities adapted to “meds and eds” urbanization. I then worked as a multi-modal transportation planner in Albuquerque's metropolitan planning organization. My current research details political backlash to interstate construction and the subsequent preservation movement on Route 66 through the Sun Belt. 



As a graduate worker at Temple University, I teach recitations and summer programs in United States History with an emphasis on cities in the twentieth century. My courses explore the ways ordinary people shape the places they call home in the wake of restructed regional economies. I also give public and school tours through Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia for a private outfit. 

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